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What is "really" an art appraisal
An Art Appraisal is "really" not an art authentication
Conflict of interest when a gallery or an auction house makes an art appraisal for free 

A written art appraisal includes
-item/artist description,
-auction records for the artist
-a general assessment of authenticity
-quality of conservation
-fair market price and replacement value.

Blog pages about art appraisal


There is no charge to give an opinion if photos are sent by email.

We only propose a fee for a written art appraisal after review of your artwork.
We don’t give a written art appraisal if we are sure the submitted art is fake.
All art appraisals are prepared in accordance with the American Society of
Appraisers, AAA, IFAA, etc. guidelines, and standards.
The codes and ethics of these associations are strictly applied to our services.

Opinion is always free of charge

Help pages

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